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Want to add up to $10,000 (or more) a month in your coaching or training business with transformational leadership workshops? Check this out:

An Outa the Box Workshop in a Box!

Workshops are a powerful way to showcase your leadership and facilitation skills. The Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)™ Facilitator Certification Program gives you a workshop in a box with tools to help your participants step into their leadership power, shine with their distinctive, unique brilliance and upgrade to a confident, compelling business presence.

This Is for You if You Are

  • a Coach, Consultant or Trainer and want to complement your current coaching, consulting and teaching services with (additional) workshop content
  • an inspirational Speaker who wants to provide teaching services
  • corporate head of Diversity & Inclusion or charged with the responsibility to make your organization more inclusive
  • committed to driving inclusive and diverse Leadership and Co-Creation.

If you have any questions about this program and how it can work with your business, please feel free to schedule a complimentary strategy conversation HERE.

Module 1:

Introduction & Setting Your GPS: Your Vision & Your Why

Module 1 lays out the four pillar concepts of the Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)™ and why they are critical for a successful career or business.

Successful careers and businesses are built on a clear vision and a powerful “why” behind this vision. This module is about creating a vision that keeps us going even when the going gets tough.

You’ll have an opportunity to experience this for yourself as well as learn how to facilitate for others.

Module 2:

Empowering Mindset

Module 2 lays out the principles of a (self-empowering success mindset that makes it easier to build the career or business we want. It provides tools to capture and step into our full mental power, so we can climb up to the ranks of the high achievers. This material will help you convince your audience that with an empowering mindset, nothing is impossible.

You’ll have an opportunity to upgrade your own mindset as well as use this PLT™ pillar in workshops. We’ll also cover how you can bled your own style and content.

Module 3:

Distinctive Uniqueness

Module 3 is about your unique strengths and authentic brilliance. It provides exercises and techniques to bring out our innate greatness apply it in a business context, and specifically to distinguish ourselves as leaders.

You’ll have an opportunity to uncover your own Distinctive Uniqueness, while learning about exercises that inspire your training audience to acknowledge and apply their Distinctive Uniqueness to achieve both greater success and fulfillment.

Module 4:

Body-Conscious Presence

Module 4 depicts the essential role of our physical and energetic presence in business. It provides techniques to enhance your perceived presence, while increasing your confidence through postural changes, movement and more.

You’ll have an opportunity to experience the power that resides in your physical and energetic body, and how it is related to your mind and mental power so you can pass this knowledge and related techniques on to your training audience.

Module 5:

Effective Action and Strategic Action Plan

Module 5 is about turning a vision into action. The Strategic Action Plan template guides us through the process of creating a plan with specific goals. We will also address ownership and accountability systems.

You’ll have an opportunity to integrate everything learned so far into a Strategic Action Plan for yourself as well as guide your training audience to design their Strategic Action Plan and follow through on its implementation.

This training is special: It combines business presence with your authentic, unique brilliance and uses it in a business context with a self-empowering mindset, which helps your workshop participants move ahead more confidently and be more successful.

Why Should You Do This Now?

  • Add between $2,500 and $10,000/month to your revenue
  • Have an easy-to-offer solution to your clients’ biggest problem
  • Give your creativity a framework to shine
  • Expand your client circle by offering this unique workshop in your city or country
  • Add on substantial content with a track record of success – without having to do all the work to create or build it.

Investment Options:

US$1,800 with payment in full

US$2,000 with payment plan

  • US$500 deposit upfront
  • US$500 x 3 monthly payments

If you have any questions about this program and how it can work with your business, please feel free to schedule a complimentary strategy conversation HERE.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Kick-off Call
  • Two 3-hour Online Workshops
  • Q&A Call
  • Access to private coaching calls at a very special rate
  • Optional membership in Ambassador Club
  • Go forth, sell, teach and inspire!

You Will Get:

  • To experience your own personal and business transformation as you work through each of the modules guided by Regina personally, which enables you to access your super powers and uplevel your business mojo, so you can masterfully teach and share this deep and powerful content
  • Opportunity to use the Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)™ content so you can sell and teach workshops with this powerful content that will transform lives and careers
  • Regina ‘s personal instruction in the Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)™ workshop and Transform Your Performance delivery method
  • Training Materials: Workbooks, PowerPoint presentation for workshops, Handouts for workshop participants, Bonus Checklists and forms for events (speaker’s checklist, feedback form, etc.)
  • Speak up, Stand out and Shine – Speak Powerfully in Any Situation Kindle or printed book
  • Special savings on bulk orders of books

Investment Options:

US$1,800 with payment in full

US$2,000 with payment plan

  • US$500 deposit upfront
  • US$500 x 3 monthly payments